our-philosophyAt the core of Corporate Imaging’s event strategy, we believe that creative inspiration and display technology should work together as one. Many organizations struggle with this concept as the functions design, animation and staging / display technology require very different thinking and skill sets.

A philosophy of producing live events with productivity in mind: Every live event has to work within a defined budget. It is in our nature to look for places to add value. We do this by developing a strategy for the development and display of graphics and animation that are designed for productivity. We look for places within your event where we can enhance the visual experience. We deploy custom production tools and processes that allow graphics to be created, changed and integrated, on-site, at faster speeds.

We understand how to match the graphics / animation for an event with the right display equipment to maximize production value. Whether we specify the display equipment or work with your on-site gear, we take great pride in being able to combine our creative talents with a deep understanding of technologies that fully integrate visual content to create real value for your presenters and the audience. This deep technical knowledge, combined with our design prowess allow us to create true “out of the box” ideas for layering and compositing systems on site

With this unique ability to merge creativity with technologies, our team push to new levels of performance. The Corporate Imaging team sets new and higher standards for live events. Your big ideas and visual innovations will delight your audience while you are secure in the knowledge that the underlying technical strategies are sound.